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By all descriptions, D.B. Cooper looked nothing like Hughes. Hughes was pretty well feeble and nearly bedridden by the time of the skyjacking. Even though Hughes was officially out of the public eye, his whereabouts and physical condition are well known, so there's the connection is not possible.

Check any biography on Hughes. Here's one cite:
On November 24, 1966 (Thanksgiving Day),[65] Hughes arrived in Las Vegas by railroad car and moved into the Desert Inn. Because he refused to leave the hotel, and to avoid further conflicts with the owners, Hughes bought the Desert Inn in early 1967. The hotel's eighth floor became the nerve center of Hughes' empire and the ninth-floor penthouse became his personal residence. Between 1966 and 1968, he bought several other hotel-casinos—including the Castaways, New Frontier, the Landmark Hotel and Casino, and the Sands.[66] He bought the small Silver Slipper casino just so he could have its trademark neon silver slipper moved. Visible from Hughes' bedroom, it apparently had kept him up at night.

After Hughes left the Desert Inn, hotel employees discovered his drapes had not been opened in the nine years he lived there, and had rotted through.[67]
That doesn't sound like a man who would hijack a plane and skydive (presumably to his death).