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Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
My understanding is that typically the stories you hear about people going blind or dying from illegal spirits is because they've been cut with antifreeze or industrial methanol, not improperly distilled. I've researched this before and it seems that even if you don't discard the "heads," you'll at worst suffer from a nasty hangover and the amount of alcohol you would need to drink to get methanol poisoning would kill you before you reach that point.
Yeah, there isn't too much detail on how much methanol you can get in fermented beverages, and I did search. I would suspect that when distilling a large batch of mash directly into a jug, the "heads" could well be collected into a single jug that might have sufficient methanol toxicity. But I also know that the bigger risk for drinking moonshine was distillers using piping with lead in it, or car radiators with glycol residue, even if they did not cut the product with methanol.