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Originally Posted by Irishman View Post
...A cop at one of those anti drug seminars explained some of the bad shit people were doing for a high or to get drunk. Take a foot long loaf of french bread, trim the ends to make a cylinder, pour a bottle of liquid shoe polish through the bread, drink what comes out at the bottom...

Originally Posted by Leo Bloom View Post
What part of the precipitate of shoe polish gets you high? Real question.

Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post
Well, a rich gal will drink good pineapple juice
And a poor gal will do quite the same.
Yeah, but my gal she drinkin' old shoe polish
You know she'd get drunk just the same
- My Gal, The Lovin' Spoonful

Shoe polish often contains ethanol and methanol to speed the drying process. It's something you drink when you'd rather be dead than sober, like kerosene or sterno.
Thanks. So it's not the precipitate, it's the solvent...and, FTR, the separated components were trapped by baguette-filtration, meaning they weren't precipitates by definition, and I was unwisely showing off some misunderstood fancy vocabulary.

So I learned two things. Three, if you count learning there is even such a thing as bread filtration.

ETA: Four, counting the song reference.

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