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Heh I just had to remove another wasp nest - bald faced hornets in a tree. The nest was dangling over the driveway/sidewalk. The nest was hidden in foliage but we noticed it because my wife got stung - just standing on the sidewalk. Obviously we couldn't leave it, because just walking down the sidewalk was enough to trigger them.

Thing is, I didn't want to use the poison spray because the neighbourhood had lots of kids and pets running about. So I used the 'sneak up on them at night, bag them, then drown them' method.

I first put on an amateur bug suit - windbreaker, heavy gloves, head net, etc. Then I filled a bucket of water, put a couple of bricks aside, snuck up on the nest and slipped the pillow case over the nest - clipping the nest free of the tree. I held the bag closed and drowned it in the bucket, putting the bricks on top.

Worked well, but a very neve wracking procedure.

This am I saw a lone survivor attacking one of the gloves, which must have been sprayed with a pheromone.