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Amateur Barbarian, the wikipedia page on D.B.Cooper discusses him along with several other suspects that were dismissed.

While there is no reasonable doubt that McCoy committed the Denver hijacking, the FBI does not consider him a suspect in the Cooper case because of significant mismatches in his age (29) and description; a level of skydiving skill well above that thought to be possessed by the hijacker; and credible evidence that McCoy was in Las Vegas on the day of the Portland hijacking, and at home in Utah the day after, having Thanksgiving dinner with his family.
There were several copycat hijacks, a couple of them successful in jumping but were caught within days. The FBI considers McCoy a copycat.

There are stronger candidates, including William Gossett, who looked a lot more like the sketches, and claimed to be D.B. Cooper. But the FBI has found no direct evidence to connect him, and can't reliably place him in the Pacific Northwest. However, that doesn't list any evidence to actually dismiss him, although his experience with parachuting seems higher than evident by D.B. Cooper.

Duane Weber made a deathbed confession to his wife, "I am Dan Cooper." She had to research to learn what that meant. The FBI didn't match his fingerprints to any found in the plane. Also, his DNA didn't match DNA found on D.B. Cooper's tie, but the FBI can't say with certainty the samples from the tie were the hijackers'.

Lynn Doyle (L. D. Cooper) has a lot of circumstantial evidence. His DNA didn't match the tie samples, either.