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Originally Posted by Leo Bloom View Post
OP is an interesting question for comparative religion, and for the closest religion, comparitevely, Judaism.
Ultimately it winds up as a case of having your cake and eating it too: a pool (standing water) with the _idea_ and principle of running water--"running" water implicating refreshing, rejuvenating, and active participation of the forces of nature:
Interesting. The 1904 Mikvay in Melbourne used normal tap water, "running" just a little way into the pool And -- after being out of use for a while, it's been renovated for "reform" use.
... absent which they were using the ocean (Port Philip Bay)
Dunno what the orthodox have been doing.

Baptist churchs have full-immersion pools if they can. The Anglican cathedral here has a full immersion font added in 1912. ( )

Anyway, responding te the OP:.. an independent (unaffiliated Baptist) church my family is associated with uses the school swimming pool.

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