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In 2011 We visited the site where John the Baptist did Jesus (of course, as asserted by locals in 1000AD or so to entertain visiting crusaders. The area had apparently recently re-opened, after John the Baptist had been relocated for many years further north on a less contested part of the Jordan River. )

Nevertheless, drive past a mile or two of signs warning about land mines if you stray off the road; down a narrow road between barbed wire fences, and you get to a parking lot and souvenir shop, then a spot where Jordan (the country) is maybe 30 feet away across the mighty deep and wide Jordan River. At the time we were there, there were maybe two dozen Russians, all taking turns being fully immersed in the Jordan River.

However, I suspect this was less a first-time baptism for them, and more likely a repeat performance because of the location.

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