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In the Catholic church, there are only three requirements for a valid baptism:
1: It must use water.
2: It must be done in the names of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
3: The person performing it must have the genuine intent to baptize.

We're not generally in the habit of using natural bodies of water, but if someone wants to do it that way, that's fine, whether it's running or standing. And while it's usually preferred to have a bit more ceremony to it, it's also possible to use a garden hose.

There are also some rules for what it takes for a baptism to be licit (that is to say, one can do it otherwise, but one isn't supposed to): For instance, a baptism ought to be performed by a priest. But those can be dispensed with in cases of necessity. And I don't think any of them even address the details of the water source.

Incidentally, it's also the position of the Catholic church that a person can only be validly baptized once. So if you receive a valid-but-not-licit baptism, you can never receive a licit one. Converts to Catholicism from other branches of Christianity, then, are usually not re-baptized, because Catholics recognize the baptisms of most other sects as valid.
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