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Originally Posted by carnivorousplant View Post
I thought the same heating and cooling loads were used to size the heating and the cooling.
Oh no, it's rare that they're ever the same. You need to go pretty far south before they even start to come close to converging. Think about it like this, even in the hottest desert (at least in the US) the biggest spread between inside and outside temperature is no more than 40-45 degrees. In most of the country though it's pretty rare for temperatures to get above 100, and that's only a 25 degree differential if you're cooling to 75 degrees. If you're heating to 70 degrees, a 25 degree differential is only 45, and even south Florida has hit freezing a few times.

So unless you're in one of those "internally dominated" commercial buildings that have a lot of volume compared to their surface area, the heating load will almost always be higher than cooling, in many cases 2x-3x as much. However, that doesn't mean heating equipment is necessarily more expensive to purchase or operate, but it's hard to separate them out from one another.