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Originally Posted by BigT View Post
Seems like that's missing something. Does not the participant have to desire to be baptized?
Not in all sects. Those who believe in infant baptism, for example, obviously do not require desire on the part of the participant who might be only minutes old and thus clueless about everything.

If not, I could see a zealous believer exploiting such a loophole to try and save everyone.
When I was a kid my county had a scandal where some, shall we say, highly enthused and motivated Christians were trying to trick local Jewish kids into being baptised, then claiming they weren't Jewish anymore and now had to attend their church. Needless to say, that did not go over well with the Jewish parents. Or a lot of other people. So yeah, that sort of thing does happen but in general it's probably not common. And if you don't believe in baptism then even if someone tries that stunt you just ignore it and get on with your life. (Well, there might be some angry shouting prior to the "get on with it", but you know what I mean.)