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There have also been some controversies involving the LDS church, which allows baptism-by-proxy: That is, one LDS dunks another LDS, but it counts as being a baptism of some other person.

And if we're sharing anecdotes of unconventional baptisms, I was baptized by my parents in the bathroom sink. I was a few months old at the time; Mom and Dad were trying to schedule a more conventional baptism, but it was really hard to get all of the kinfolks' schedules to work. Then one night, though, Mom left the window in my room open, and the temperature dropped precipitously overnight. By the time Mom woke up to check on me, I was already turning blue from cold. So as soon as they got me warmed up again (or maybe while they were doing so), they baptized me themselves. When we finally got all the family together a few weeks after that, we had a nice little party with the priest and everything, but it didn't mean anything sacramentally, because I was already baptized.