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Originally Posted by bobohula View Post
I really wanted to fly in the Concorde. But now it is extinct--all because one of them hit a piece of debris on the runway and crashed. Couldn't that happen to any plane? There have been umpteen causes of airplane crashes--flocks of geese, wind shear, bombs--all outside forces. But I don't see these companies taking their airplanes out of service forever. What gives?
That's not the reason why the Concorde program was cancelled, though it may have been a contributing factor. The Concorde was insanely expensive to operate. It guzzled fuel like a drunken fratboy, for one. The maintenance costs were very high, because there were so few of them and it was a totally unique design. The R&D costs were never recovered because the few planes that were sold were bought at a large discount. And demand for the super-expensive tickets just wasn't there. Super rich people would fly Concorde once for the novelty, then go back to buying cheaper first-class tickets on a 747. Most people didn't really need to save a couple hours getting from New York to London, even the Gordon Gecko types.

The accidents provided a reason for Air France and British Airways to cancel the extremely unprofitable program while saving face.

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