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Concorde Blues

Originally Posted by kenobi 65 View Post

A number of other commercial airliner models were also developed / introduced in the 1960s, and a number of them -- such as the DC-10, L-1011, and 727 -- were also largely retired from passenger service at about that same time.

That said, several 1960s-vintage models -- the 737, 747, and DC-9 (reworked as the MD-80, MD-90, and 717) -- are still in active service, but those were highly popular models, and, thanks to ongoing orders for new aircraft, have seen regular updates and revisions.

And that was a key part: those designs were very welcoming of multiple stretches and even de-stretchings and major upgrades and modifications WRT higher efficiency engines (often with more than one choice) and wings. Concorde was extremely non-market-flexible. It did just one thing and did it unprofitably.

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