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Due to these restrictions, if you were traveling to or from an airport that wasn't JFK, the Concorde was an ineffective option - to go from LA to London, you could get on a 747 and take a direct flight for roughly ten and a half hours, or you could fly to New York in about 6 hours, then sit around at JFK for a while before getting on the Concorde for a roughly three and a half hour flight. If your layover was very short, this might save you a few minutes, but more likely not, leaving only the prestige of flying on a supersonic plane as the sole benefit.
And, of course, the Concorde didn't have enough range to fly non-stop from LHR–LAX. Its range was about 4500 miles, which starting from Heathrow will get you to most of the Eastern Seaboard and the upper Midwest, but won't get you to the population centers in California or Texas. Even the first models of the Boeing 747 could do better than that; the 747-100 had a range of 6100 miles, and subsequent redesigns increased the range to 9200 miles.

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