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Originally Posted by Hail Ants View Post
The Concorde's tires were long a source of problems. The fatal crash was not the first time such a thing had occurred. Several incidents of exploding tires, some fairly serious, had happened before. The problem was Concorde's extremely high take-off & landing speed (250 MPH)....
This information is from the accident investigation: 57 prior Concorde flights had experienced burst tires. Of the 57 prior incidents, 19 were caused by foreign objects and 37 times the tire just failed. Twelve of those tire failures produced debris that damaged the plane, and six times the fuel tanks had been punctured from tire or related debris.

When tires exploded it would sometimes tear off the metal water spray deflector behind each tire, and that debris would strike the aircraft. British Concordes were modified with a retention system to prevent this but French Concordes were not. It is unknown if that modification would have lessened the damage on flight 4590.