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First, the respect for GQ rules is exemplary (i.e., even _my_ fingers were itching to note that they must have CelRay as well.

A friend and I were in the dog park talking about shark defense with magnetic fields, which led to general shark physiology mixed with the perennial dog physiology question (on GQ and elsewhere) "what about vegetables?" ("You could dress like a carrot...")

So that's 1).

And then I wondered about spices and irritants, and the idea of plant and animals toxins to some predators, and then...pepper, salt, and (I got interested here, from my rough knowledge of salting, the salt processing of aquatic animals--and the particular ammonia business of the shark--and sodium nitrate, in massive doses, and the 50% lethal dosage for sharks.

That's 2).

Each--although wise men may differ--a not-insanely stupid question about sharks.

And, for shorthand, pastrami.

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