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What is the entire world pulling your leg about?

You know the story about the Emperor's new clothes? Where people can see that the emperor is naked, but no one speaks up, because of peer pressure?

Or, maybe this is more what I'm getting at: There's a prank, where someone tells a nonsensical and unfunny joke. The other people in the room laugh, and generally behave like it's the funniest joke ever. You don't see why the joke is funny, so you don't laugh. Only, after a while, you decide that since everyone is cracking up so much, the joke must be amazing, and so, not to be left out, you join in the laughter, and agree that the joke is hilarious. That's when everyone suddenly goes deadpan, and the jokester says: "There's nothing funny about the joke. We just wanted to see how long it took before you, too, started laughing."

Sometimes I feel like the entire world is trying to pull a prank like that on me. Cases in point:

The Usual Suspects. This movie always tops every list of twist endings. People always go on about it: "It's this AMAZING TWIST! It'll BLOW YOUR MIND! DUUDE!"

So I watched it, of course filled to the brim with anticipation. But (spoiler alert, sort of) there's nothing particularly interesting about the twist, and it's not a very good movie. I have no idea what everyone is on about.

Star Wars. People treat this movie like it's as culturally significant as Shakespeare, Homer and the Bible combined. Now, I'm not saying it's awful or anything, but look: It's some random science fiction movie from the late seventies. And yet, people are always geek-gasming over it non-stop like if they're all in some weird cult. I don't get it.