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Originally Posted by Martian Bigfoot View Post

The Usual Suspects. This movie always tops every list of twist endings. People always go on about it: "It's this AMAZING TWIST! It'll BLOW YOUR MIND! DUUDE!"

So I watched it, of course filled to the brim with anticipation. But (spoiler alert, sort of) there's nothing particularly interesting about the twist, and it's not a very good movie. I have no idea what everyone is on about.
No twist is ever as good when you know it's coming. I hate people who tell you this crap. It's a pretty good twist, as far as twists go, but it's subject to fridge logic: later, on, when you're looking in the fridge, you start seeing real problems with it.

for me, it's got to be Breaking Bad. Why do you want to watch so many assholes become even more assholish? Yet the whole world seems to luuuuurve this show. I watched like three episodes and I hated everyone within five minutes.