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Cheese. I'm admittedly pickier than most but I have literally (yes, literally) that I know of not met another person who won't eat it. It's obvious that the vast majority like it because you can scarcely find a dish that doesn't have some kind of cheese on it. It's not only the default on any kind of sandwich, hot or cold, but it shows up on salads, chili and all manner of places it doesn't belong.

Several of the things that have been mentioned are pretty middle of the road in that, for instance, I've heard an even amount of people express like and dislike for sports and piercings. But cheese? Tell someone you won't eat it and they look at you like you just farted.

I mentioned in another thread that I didn't care for the music from Hamilton and I was almost scared. No one I know IRL has seen it so I haven't heard much first hand but the way people were praising it here was almost cult like. I wanted to experience what everyone else did. That did not work out.