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Drinking non-mixed alcoholic drinks for the taste. For example, some people say that they like a good aged scotch. Alcohol tastes terrible, so I struggle to believe that people actually like the taste of straight alcoholic drinks. I understand the appeal of things like strawberry margaritas or long island iced teas - they taste good. I think people find the idea of drinking things like whiskey and scotch to fit their idea of adulthood or specifically manhood, and have eventually gotten to the point where they don't mind the taste as much and associate it with the pleasant feeling of inebriation. They confuse this with enjoying the taste itself.

There are a lot of fashions that are allegedly sexy that I have never, ever understood. I think lipstick is gross. I think high heels look ridiculous. Duckface and lip-biting are equally bizarre. The all-dolled-up look in a slinky dress looks like Halloween costumery to me. Maybe that's the point? Maybe the idea is to dress and act as un-sexy as possible with the implication that if you're still even a little sexy while acting completely unsexy, then you must truly be extremely sexy indeed under all the unsexy. Like carrying around a boat anchor to show how strong you are - sure, you can barely walk with it, but imagine how strong and virile you must be if you can carry it around at all! Some kind of "Harrison Bergeron" shit. Or maybe I'm just broken.