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Asylum Films.

I don't know how they are allowed to exist. I don't mean legally, I mean karmically. I don't understand how they don't violate some fundamental law of the universe, so that the Living Tribunal appears and crushes them.

But more fundamentally, I don't understand how people exist with no self respect and no capacity for self examination. I read that Cracked article where they interviewed someone who tried to write for Asylum, and the writer basically said the people who run the company don't comprehend that they are making bad movies. They think they are competent film makers who are genuinely trying to make good movies, They're just really, really bad at it. It's like watching the Dunning Kruger Effect at work.

And yet somehow they continue to exist, which means someone, somewhere, actually looked at "Transmorphers" or "The Day the Earth Stopped," and was like, "Yeah, I'd pay money to see that movie."

I just don't understand.