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Originally Posted by furryman View Post
Hot dogs. I have yet to find someone else claim they don't love hot dogs.
I used to love hot dogs, but either my tastebuds are dying of old age or they've changed the ingredients; I haven't had a really good hot dog in a long time.

Battlestar Galactica. Just depressing.
Well the reboot did squarely face just how absolutely screwed people would be if their home planets were annihilated without warning and they had to try to survive on spaceships never meant for long-term habitability.

Originally Posted by Martian Bigfoot View Post
Lipstick was invented by women to stop men from trying to kiss them.
IIRC, it was invented by prostitutes advertising a <ahem> special service.
High heels were invented by men to stop women from running away. Of these things I am convinced, and don't try to tell me otherwise.
Actually I finally saw the purpose of high heels not too long ago. I was watching a presentation by an attractive young woman wearing heels whose feet were evidently hurting her. She kept swaying- and I do mean swaying- back and forth as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. High heels are for forcing women to pose in a way that shows off their thighs and hips.

Something else that comes to mind: Breast implants. That has to be some kind of weird joke, that I'm not getting the punchline to.
In a thread awhile back I posted that future generations will regard breast implants as one of the more bizarre fads of our time.