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I'm limiting myself to things that are not considered trash. Trash sells, and I get that. These are ones where I genuinely feel my leg is being pulled because people like them on a deeper level and consider them actual quality.

The Big Lebowski - I think I missed the boat, timing wise. I only saw it a year ago and I found it quite dull. Zero laughs for me and I did not enjoy it at all.

The Big Bang Theory - I was dumbfounded at how bad I found it. I think it is popular, though. I hear a lot about it.

How I Met Your Mother - Same as above. No idea why it was popular.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Opposite this time. It was panned by a lot of people and I liked it just as much as the original 3 movies. I know, I'm weird.

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Various best-selling books, like the Twilight series, or the 50 Shades series. Really?!
While those sell a lot of copies, I think the vast majority have found those to be trash. I don't feel like anyone was pulling my leg on those. They are just high-selling trash.

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I'm color-blind.
Have you tried those cool glasses I've heard of that can somewhat give you full color vision? I'm curious how they work. But I'm not color blind, so no way to test.