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Originally Posted by Mahaloth View Post
Have you tried those cool glasses I've heard of that can somewhat give you full color vision? I'm curious how they work. But I'm not color blind, so no way to test.
I don't believe any of the shops where you can try them are in my state; I might give them a try the next time I head out to the West Coast.

(And, as you go on to hint, no, you're not the first to ask; and, yes, I have a default answer when folks wonder why I'm in no particular hurry: the thing is, my wife is gorgeous. This usually prompts a confused reply. No, I explain, she's really, really gorgeous. So what? So what if she's hideous in full color?)

(Sure, but you can take the glasses off. But I'll KNOW! You can't UNSEE a thing like that! I've got a great thing going, here -- and you're trying to RUIN IT FOR ME!)