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Originally Posted by wolfpup View Post
40 fascinating facts about Concorde -- and some pictures. You can see how narrow it is both in the first overhead picture, and one of the cabin interior pics. The seating looks like the economy section of small regional jet.
Yep... Took it JFK-LHR and back, and actually almost landed twice in NY... We were just about to land, and they had to throw on the power and bring us back up because there was something on the runway... And that thing went up fast!

I was stunned at how small the thing actually was... It was totally amazing flying that fast, and the service was great, but I'll take Cathay Pacific First or even B.A. First, ANY time...

We flew it right after they announced they were ending service, so it was like a free for all on board - the flight attendants gave us the menus, the emergency cards and the napkin rings to take home as souvenirs... Only time I've been on a flight where we got to take things with us that weren't meant as freebies...