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I just remembered a cute story about the Concorde. They had a contest where you could get a ticket for like normal airline ticket prices. And it was something like a radio call in program. Well, this guy won it. And IIRC this guy was a REAL aviation/concorde enthusiast, so this really meant more to him than it would to random man off the street.

Problem was, he was require to pay over the phone at some point. But he had NO credit cards. Apparently he had some trouble convincing the people on the other end of the line to not pass him by. AND he was probably tying up the only phone he had. IIRC he had to go use the neighbors phone and find a friend or a coworker to let him us their credit card.

Or something like that. I'm thinking he was British.

Anyway, he had to scurry a good bit, was sweating it for awhile, but eventually got his dream flight.