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The 1976 G7 Summit was held at Dorado, PR, and British PM Callaghan brought a Concorde into SJU as part of a simultaneous promo tour for BA/Concorde/British Trade. Got to see it on part of the approach over the city. At that point in flight not much perceivably louder than the 707s still flying the route but you could tell it was coming in hot (must have been astounding hearing it take off). The roads and streets around the airport were an infernal traffic jam between the security measures for the motorcade and all the people who were trying to position themselves for a glimpse.

Only selected press and tourism/convention bureau board types got a tour, at the time. Finally did a walkthrough in one at the Boeing Field Museum many decades later, and yeah, that was kind of tight. But those lines, man, those lines... "tube and two pods" may be the optimized form factor for economic viability but ho-damn-hum.