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"Macro" nutrients means the big bulk categories - protein, fats, & carbs. The vitamin question isn't addressed in there though. Overall, they need more or less the same complement of vitamins that we do.

Bony (non-shark) fish mostly don't synthesize vitamin C, and I thought the same true of sharks; however the below article tells us that "primitive" fishes including sharks and lampreys DO synthesize vitamin C: Ascorbate synthesis in fishes: A review. I didn't know that!

Beyond that, I'm finding many references that fish (in aquaculture) are best grown with fish meal and fish oil, as this is the "right blend of nutrients", but not any hard quantification for sharks - pastrami is likely missing a few that they get through diets... I also learned that bottled phytoplankton is a woo health supplement at $30/1oz bottle... forget the pastrami, the sharks are getting the expensive stuff already.

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