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For all the very good reasons already given, perhaps a more pertinent question is not why the Concorde was withdrawn, but why it was ever developed in the first place. Not all the problems could have been anticipated -- the change in the economics of air travel, for instance, or the increasing concerns with airport noise that led to the development of quiet high-bypass engines. But most of the other issues were foreseeable. As wonderful as the thing was from a technology standpoint, seems like the whole thing was a Franco-British high-tech vanity project.
The PBS series NOVA did an episode about its development. One thing that seems ridiculous today is that well into pre-production both British Airways and Air France knew that it would not be nearly as profitable as had been anticipated. But right from the start there was a clause in both company's contracts which stated that if either side dropped out of the project they would still be responsible for their share of the costs. In other words neither side wanted to blink first, so instead of them both agreeing to quit they instead wound up spending billions on a plane they knew wouldn't sell.

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Interesting thing about fact number 2:"A one-way fare on the inaugural flight from London to Bahrain cost 356; at the time flying the route in a conventional first-class service cost 309.50" Back when it was still flying as a goof I looked up flight costs on Travelocity. Although a JFK to London seat on the Concorde was $10,000 a first class transatlantic seat on a 747 was still over $8,000! Not much different if you got that kinda dough...