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Will holding an ice cream bar in front of a car's AC vent slow or speed its melting process?

I'm spurred to wonder this by a "ten years ago" deal my wife just shared on Facebook. She was an undergrad then (this is before I knew her), and she and some friends were bringing the ice cream bars back to share with someone or something like that.

Anyway, one of the pics shows one of her college friends smiling sheepishly for the camera and is captioned "[friend's name] took one for the team and spent time and energy holding the ice cream bars in front of the air conditioning vent." So I wondered: the air coming out of that vent is cold, but is it below 32 degrees cold, even right out of the vent? I suppose it might be, but I'm not sure. If it's not, would it be better to move air that's, say, 40 degrees, rapidly over the bars, or keep them in air that's 70 degrees but more still?

And wouldn't the best idea of all have been to wrap them in a blanket or something?

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