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Originally Posted by watchwolf49 View Post
I understand you point, however it's invalid with the A/C unit. Even if our original air is 90F at 100% RH, the output will be 40F and 100% RH. The extra water condenses in the A/C unit and drains out the piping provide for this, not on the surfaces where the cooler air is going.
If it's 40F and 100% RH, then when it hits the 32F ice cream it's going to cool further and leave behind condensate.

If it's 40F and 100% RH and mixes with ambient air (at 90F and a dewpoint >32F), then the resulting blend will have a dewpoint above 32F, which will likewise cool further and leave behind condensate when it hits the 32F ice cream.

The only way we're drying out the ice cream is if the ambient air has a dewpoint below 32F (welcome to Moab, UT), and/or the AC evaporator is operating at less than 32F (and so dehumidifying its output to a dewpoint below 32F). In the latter case, something is wrong with the AC.