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Originally Posted by Martini Enfield View Post
...I've often wondered why the design never ended up in service on something like a Sydney-Singapore route; there's plenty of demand, plenty of people who would like to get there faster rather than more comfortably, and pretty much the entire trip would be over water or uninhabited desert - ideal places to go supersonic.
Sydney to Singapore is 3,916 miles in a straight line, not including course changes often required by air traffic control. The Concorde's stated max range was 4,488 statute miles, but that was until the tanks were dry and engines quit. I don't think it had the range. Concorde could barely make it across the Atlantic. You can't go by the aircraft's "max range" specification, which is until the engines quit turning from fuel exhaustion.

Airliners don't fly in straight lines from origin to destination. Also the regulations require they have sufficient fuel to reach their destination, then an alternate airport (in case the primary is unavailable due to weather), then after reaching the alternate continue flying for 45 minutes. That is the absolute legal minimum, and usually they carry more fuel than this. If you factor in those items, it probably didn't have the range.