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Originally Posted by Saint Cad View Post
WTF? Even though I made it clear in my OP that harpy referred to her voice I am being called out because it is a sexist term therefore it is acceptable to imply I'm a sexist AND furthermore a mod is saying I should apologize for using it? To whom? Hillary? The women on the Board? The women of the world next March 8th?
I wasn't planning to respond in your other ATMB threadóI fully concur with the warning you receivedóbut it amazes me that you're still doing this.

You've referred to Hillary Clinton as "Queen of the Harpies" at least four times: here, here, here, and here. Yet you insist that this is merely a "a commentary on how grating her voice is."

Really? "Harpy" doesn't mean "a person with a grating voice." It has a highly pejorative, gender-specific meaning: "a scolding, nagging, bad-tempered woman; shrew."
Merriam-Webster: "an angry and unpleasant woman."
Oxford: "a grasping, unscrupulous woman."

Maybe you really are so tone-deaf that you are oblivious to the sexist overtones of the word "harpy." But, from where I sit, it looks like you're using some weasel words of your own. You can't expect to call someone "Queen of the Harpies" and shield yourself from the predictable blowback by claiming that you were simply using your own personal, benign, non-sexist definition of "harpies."