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Well, yes – especially, as you intimate, if one is a fan of quick foxes. And this one does indeed avoid initials / acronyms. I personally, though, find it rather “twisted and tormented”. An ongoing oppositional thing in all wordplay of this kind – “ingenuity; versus to what degree of making sense /actually inhabiting this planet”.

I once got into a bit of an altercation with a work colleague, about palindromes. I proudly submitted a very long and cunningly-crafted one (I hasten to add, not my own and not claimed to him as such) which in a roundabout and contorted way, did sort-of make sense. He pooh-poohed it, asserting that it was better to have this kind of stuff short, but saying something understandable and basically “right”; rather than long, and essentially “a load of rubbish” – he quoted in support, his favourite palindrome, “Was it a car or a cat I saw?” Feeling a bit nettled, I opined that that nine-word offering was hardly a gem of meaningful sense-making, either: anyone who has difficulty visually distinguishing a car from a cat, must be either three-quarters blind or extremely stupid.

We cooled it, and agreed to disagree, before getting to the stage of setting about each other with fists; it’s maybe useful to reflect that the very large number of the world’s population who are not great wordplay enthusiasts, would consider those who are same -- to the point of tempers getting heated about such stuff – highly “sad” and in need of getting lives.