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Originally Posted by jtur88 View Post
I don't think anybody mentioned this above, but the reason for "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog's back" was because it also contained exactly the number of keystrokes on a standard typewriter between the conventional margins. They knew they could make it shorter, but they wanted to be able to test a machine for all letters and for spacing as well. But I can't find a cite to confirm that.
I doubt this very much. Typewriter pitches were elite with 12 characters per inch and pica with 10 characters per inch. That sentence is 52 characters if I add a period to it. That would only take up 5.2 inches even for pica leaving left and right margins of 1.65 inches which has got to be wider than standard. Dissertations had the widest margins I ever heard of and they were only 1.5 inches.

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