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I'd especially like to see how Flashman served on both sides during the American Civil War .
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Flashman in the Civil War
Repeating the substance of a post by me in the Cafe Society thread of a few months back, Aw, heck: I bounced off "Flashman" by George MacDonald Fraser: it would appear, from comments by Fraser in an interview with him in 2002, that he never in fact planned to write a Flashman / Civil War novel. He is quoted as saying: "to me, the American Civil War is a colossal bore. It was a rotten war, it's been done to death, and I'm not terribly interested in it. An American wrote to me urging me to write it, saying it had to be the high point in Flashman's career. I wrote back saying, 'Son, it's a foreign sideshow. The Crimea, the Indian Mutiny, they were the important things in Flashman's life. Your Civil War? He was so disinterested that he fought on both sides.' "

(While Fraser's American correspondent could perhaps have made his point in a more tactful way; Fraser's quoted words, both vis-a-vis the American and his readers as a whole, have made me hold him in less high regard than formerly, as a person -- regardless of his talent as an author. Frankly, I feel they leave a bit of a nasty taste: as though Fraser were relishing having, for years, tantalised and strung-along his fans with "in-passing" references to what sound like chequered and fascinating Civil War doings on Flashman's part -- when he never had any intention actually of writing a novel about his anti-hero and that conflict.)