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Flashman in the Civil War
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I would have liked to see that too. Other disastrous episodes hinted at in his biography that I would have liked to have seen was his service in the Zulu Wars (there is only a brief mention in one of the books), with Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, and during the Boxer Rebellion in China.
I’d certainly have enjoyed an account in detail, of Flashman’s doings in the Boxer Rebellion. He’d have been aged nearly eighty then – one assumes, his swan-song as regards taking part in direct military action; unless shortly thereafter, he found himself involved in the tail-end of the Boer War?

Something I greatly liked in Fraser’s Mr. American (which novel I mostly find rather lame) -- occurs at the beginning of World War I. There’s a vignette of Flashman -- the year before his death, at a very great age; still mentally very sharp, and as cynical as ever -- imparting to the hero, his opinion that the best thing for the Belgians to do in the circumstances, would be to accede to the Germans’ demand, and let them march through their country in the course of invading France. The Germans would be there for a while, and make life somewhat unpleasant; but in the end, having achieved their objective, they’d clear out, and things could go back to normal.