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Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
Actually, a gin sour is a different drink than a gimlet. Similar, sure, but not the same. If I ask for a gimlet and get gin and sour, it's getting sent back. Gin and Rose's for me, or Roses cut with lime juice if you're feeling fancy. I've made it with homemade like syrup, but I just need the Rose's for it to taste right to me.
Yup. And a daiquiri is essentially a rum sour made with lime juice instead of lemon (or vice-versa; I think the daiquiri came first).

Cocktails/mixed drinks come in "families", which means that they're essentially the same drink, but made with slightly different ingredients. So a daiquiri and a whiskey sour fall into the same family- both are spirits, sour & sugar. Similarly, the older versions of the Martini (gin, vermouth, orange bitters) fall very squarely into the same family as the Manhattan (bourbon, red vermouth, aromatic bitters).

Garnishes typically aren't the decisive factor in the naming of a drink; most of the older ones (like say.. pre-Prohibition) had fast and loose garnishing rules- if you read the old books, there are rarely any hard and fast rules- they suggest things like nuts as garnishes in martinis, etc...