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"There's a fine line between clever and stupid" - who would you argue is clever?

Or so says Nigel Tufnel. Or was it David St. Hubbins?

In this thread:
Folks are arguing whether Sonic Youth played "microtonal, non-dodecaphonic music with non-Western intent" or just had some cheap guitars that sounded cool out of tune in a noisy way and which they based their sound on.

Similar to The Ramones: people dismissed them as loud punks, but when you read about them, and actually listen, they loved Phil Spector's Wall of Sound pop songs, couldn't afford or know what to do with a roomful of studio musicians, so they consciously tried to get that filled-in sound with guitar distortion.

That's pretty clever. And the Sonic Youth thread is ultimately about the same thing. What can you think of that's similar - and what side are you on? I would prefer arguments for clever vs easy dismissals as stupid.

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