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Gymnastics on the Moon

Olympics prompted. Gymnastics on the Moon would be awesome, and all sorts of new maneuvers, eg "the 1/2 Bloom," which is too difficult too describe here. But to begin, my original thought/query. There are any number of maneuvers--I don't know the real word--often named after their creator, which are analyzed as, eg ["two flips with planked body"] followed by ["two spins around body axis"], etc. I'm using brackets because the technical description is very precise and I don't know the words anyway.

Basic physics question: can you extrapolate using elementary dynamics how a maneuver on Earth would play out in a different gravity, all other things being equal?

I.e., would a "triple Bloom" on earth be a "36-Bloom" on the moon?

ETA: Mods, if you can, leave this in this GQ forum. It should be the physics and physiology of a hypothetical, not a Fantasy Sport.

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