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Originally Posted by WordMan View Post
I would prefer arguments for clever vs easy dismissals as stupid.
I can explain why people think something is stupid. If you like something, it doesn't matter how stupid it is -- you like it. And if you dislike something, it doesn't matter how clever it is, because it's wasted on something you consider to be crap.

And that's basically it.

You are never going to convince someone of anything regarding music that they don't like by claiming that it's clever.

I'll give you my own example of clever, and you tell me. When Bob Dylan first started, he sounded like this:

The problem was, he wasn't selling records. So he changed his voice to sound more like a blues singer:
And sure enough, he started selling records.

Now if you don't like Dylans voice, I'll never convince you that what he did was clever, and if you do like Dylan, it doesn't matter how clever it was.