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Originally Posted by Thudlow Boink View Post
Are you at least familiar enough to see that there are no actual notes there, just rests?
Ah - I am an idiot. I hadn't looked closely enough. Once I saw sheet music, I had a guitarist's instinctive reaction: to panic and shut down that webpage

I love both Rothko and Pollock, so, yeah - not going to go there. Now, someone like Jeff Koons, who is famous for making big sculptures that are meant to look like giant balloon animals, he walks a fine line. The balloon animals seem really stupid to me, even in person. But he has another large sculpture, Puppy, that really works IMHO in person. It's big and monumental, but it's a puppy, so you get that weird cognitive dissonance, kinda like Warhol depicting a soup can with all of the trappings of Great Art: He is attempting the same with his balloon animal sculptures, but one works for me and the other doesn't.

I can't listen to clips right now, but will go back and check out the links to Dylan. Not sure if that qualifies as clever vs. stupid.