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I resist the dichotomy. Or, rather, I think we (modern?) humans have a tendency to need to qualify the things we like or admire as being "smart" or "brilliant" . . . we justify and legitimize our opinions by insisting that the creators of art we like are visionary or somehow really smart.

I think that most of the time, good art is just an expression of something that felt right, cool, or satisfying to the artist, and is a synthesis of that artist's experience up to that point, filtered through their chosen medium.

Sometimes that synthesis is interesting to the rest of us, and other times it isn't, but very rarely is anything truly brilliant, or does a thing's 'cleverness' rise to a level that is notable.

I don't really know the music of Sonic Youth, but my guess is that their sound is something they fell into, and is not 'clever' in the sense that they put their mind to figuring something out. Bob Dylan writes the way he writes.

Very few of us can help but to be ourselves; is an artist who creates work in their own unique way clever, or just the same as the rest of us?

(Sorry to inject wishy-washy philosophy here, but to me, once a person decides to express themselves authentically, all analysis after that is in the eye of the beholder).