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The Arthur legend is probably a composite of a few different men, at different times. The earliest one, and the one who gave the name (if he existed), would seem to be a Briton man who lead a force fighting against the Saxons at the Battle of Badon Mound.

Whatever weapon he had during that battle would most likely have been a Spatha-like weapon, if it was of modern make.

Of course, that weapon would not have been Excalibur, since we're talking about a (potentially) real person in the real world, not a fantasy ruler with a fantasy sword.

The core Arthurian legends are from the 12th century in Northern France. While Excalibur would have come from Celtic myth, like the Mabinogion, it would probably be reasonable to assume a 12th century French look-and-feel to the tales. That would make it a Knightly Sword.

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