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Originally Posted by bleach View Post
Terry Moore did a three minute TED talk where he describes a superior way to tie shoelaces. The problem arose when his pair of shoes with slick laces refused to stay tied.

It's a small trick but it's a stronger form of the traditional knot.
I learned this from these very pages a few years ago and it is amazing. I no longer double-knot my laces yet they rarely come undone. One small improvement on the TED presentation. In the video Terry Moore tells you to reverse step #2 of lace-tying, making the bow. Much less awkward is to reverse step #1, the initial crossover-and-under. The result is the same but I believe it takes much less effort to unlearn-relearn.

In a similar vein is this magic way to fold t-shirts. I think this comes originally from Japan but I have linked to an English language version.