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Originally Posted by Rick Kitchen View Post
Hadn't Monaco decided that Caroline and her children were going to inherit after Prince Albert of Monaco, if he hadn't eventually married and reproduced? Despite the rule that Monaco would revert back to France if there was no male heir?
Monaco changed its constitution in 2002 to allow succession by the descendants of the monarch's siblings. A previous constitution limited the succession to the descendants of the reigning monarch only, which would have left the throne vacant if Albert had inherited but never reproduced.

The Monegasque rule hasn't been "male heir only" in a very long time--certainly not in the last three centuries anyway. (Louise Hippolyte was reigning princess early in the 18th century.) It's just that males are preferred and take precedence over their sisters. Caroline had been the heiress presumptive of Monaco from her birth until her brother was born the following year; had he not been born (or predeceased their father), Caroline would have inherited the throne anyway.