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Originally Posted by bump View Post
Keep your knives really sharp and it won't be too much of an issue with most onions anyway. Every now and then you'll get an super pungent onion, but for probably 19/20 a good and sharp knife will do the trick, and keep your eyes from watering even if you're cutting up 2-3 onions at a time.
Another way to reduce the tears is to dice the onion properly. Most people peel the skin off, then slice the onion up, then dice the slices. This exposes you to large areas of onion.

A proper dice (for me) is done by slicing off the ends and peeling of the first layer, of course. Then set the onion on its end and with a sharp knife, slice the onion most of the way through in the desired width, proceeding across the entire onion. Then rotate the onion 90 degrees and do the same. This creates an in situ dice. Then turn the onion on its side and rapidly cut across your previous slicing to produce the dice you want. Videos I've seen want you to cut the onion in half first, but it seems more likely that you can cut yourself doing it that way, as it requires you to do horizontal cuts.