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Originally Posted by billfish678 View Post
I'm just amazed that it is always MY town where these brilliant people have figured this stuff out. I must live in the Eureka of the Deep South.

Heating lemons in a the microwave for a bit does seem to help in getting the juice out.

I had to work with some epoxy the other day. Invariably I got some on me. My usual go to for getting gunk like that off is mineral spirits or gasoline or acetone or whatever other nasty solvent is handy. Often with on so so results.

I recently read somewhere that white vinegar worked. Well damn if it didn't remove that stuff better than most things I've used before. And its dirt cheap a gallon at a time too. Will try that from now on for most nasty expoxies, glues, and paints from now on first.
Vegetable oil is great for cleaning up paints and stains. I don't know if it works on epoxy. I'd recommend the cheaper corn oil, not the extra virgin olive oil.

I've never tried vinegar, though. Would that work on paint?