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Originally Posted by Leo Bloom View Post
Who had learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

Originally Posted by PatrickLondon View Post
I think that quote was originally applied to the immediate Restoration monarchy, under Louis XVIII and Charles X - hence the revolution of 1830. Louis Philippe obviously didn't learn enough to stave off the revolution of 1848, but he had enough to adapt the monarchy to some extent. It certainly wasn't applied to the Second (Bonaparte) Empire - though perhaps, in view of Louis Napoleon's failures in international grandstanding, it should have been.
Yes, it's the Bourbon (on the rocks?) Talleyrand nifty.

Before posting I spent some time wondering just how pejorative the assessment is, as applied to anyone, Leo Bloom, for one. All in all it could be worse, supposing that pre-"no learning" you had some good stuff under your belt. But of course in real life, as a national shopkeeper also said about the challenge of diplomacy/politics/sentient Leo-life, there always comes "events, my dear boy, events."

At worst, maybe it's akin to that semi-jokey definition of madness where somebody holds on to an idea monomaniacally, the text or author of which I can't remember at the moment.