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Originally Posted by Blue Blistering Barnacle View Post
Vegetable oil is great for cleaning up paints and stains. I don't know if it works on epoxy. I'd recommend the cheaper corn oil, not the extra virgin olive oil.
In patching my roof a few years ago, I got roofing tar on my hands. That stuff is like road tar in that it is very difficult to get off skin. I was out of mineral spirits, which does the trick nicely, so I was scrounging around the house for something that might work. In my wife's bathroom I saw baby oil. My thoughts went like this: Baby oil is nothing but mineral oil with perfume. Mineral spirits is a less refined version of mineral oil. Both are petroleum distillates. Hmm.

I poured some baby oil on my hands and - voila! - it took the roofing tar (also a petroleum based substance) right off. My next thought was "We put this stuff on baby's butts?!?!"